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New positions in my group:
PhD position on our Advanced Bionics project Bimodal Restorative Hearing (application deadline: October 1, 2017).
(your background: a master degree in (bio)physics, (neuro)informatics, audiology, cognitive neuroscience, (bio)engineering, or an equivalent quantitative education.
Experience with psychophysics and statistical data analysis is a pre. Excellent communicative skills in Dutch will be required.)
Postdoc position on our project OtoControl: a collaborative sensorineural research project to automatically improve hearing-device settings for the severely hearing impaired (application deadline: September 1, 2017).
(your background: a PhD in (bio)physics, (neuro)informatics, audiology, cognitive neuroscience, (bio)engineering, or an equivalent quantitative education.
Experience with EEG analysis is a pre. Excellent communicative skills.)
Positions on my ERC advG project ORIENT: psychophysical and neurocomputational research projects on multisensory evoked eye-head orienting in health and disease (1 psychophysics PhD and 1 postdoc position have now been filled; Application deadline: August 31, 2017).

My CV can be found here (04/2017)

My book appeared on April 23, 2016 at Elsevier's Academic Press (AP), ISBN 978 0-12-801529-2

The book has its own homepage.
Please, preview its contents here (14 chapters, 436 pages)

A Sneak Preview of the introductory chapter is available here.

Order the book at Elsevier's book store at 30% discount for only €63! Discount code: NEURO317

Further info at the book's flyer

Research: Auditory System, Multisensory Integration, and Gaze Control
My ERC advanced Grant "ORIENT" (2017-2021) will start January 1, 2017.
More information about this project: see above (Jobs)
14 PhD positions for our Donders Institute's Marie-Curie FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IDP project (started Jan 1, 2014).
See also our HealthPAC
website for up-to-date information on HealthPAC's people, research, activities, etc.!
Lees hier over de achtergronden van mijn onderzoek
We proudly present Report Year 2017 of our successful Donders Hearing and Implants collaboration (Biophysics-Otolaryngology)!
Check out our plans for our new two-axis Vestibular Stimulator on this Poster!
Current and recently finished research projects in my lab (under construction)
Complete list of peer-reviewed publications, and via PubMed.
My Google-Scholar Citation Analysis is found here
Download some of our recent papers

Verder..... in de media
Uitzending van "TV Gelderland van 21 maart 2017", met tussen 6:07 tot 11:41min een leuke demo van onze twee-assige vestibulaire stoel (via YouTube te zien, of op mijn website Trots op Gelderland )
Uitzending van "VPRO's Noorderlicht", met daarin (tegen het eind) ons onderzoek naar Auditieve Plasticiteit ('Uilenoren') (via Uitzending gemist nog steeds is te zien op Noorderlicht Nieuws 13-08-2009 )
Op 15 april 2010 een mooi artikel in de NRC (download)
Op 29 mei 2010 een heel aardig vervolgartikel in de NRC (Alledaagse Wetenschap) (download)
Volkrant artikel (15-02-2011) over ons apenonderzoek. Dit item is later dunnetjes overgedaan in een 'discussiestuk' in de NRC Next van 28-04-2011
Op 16 februari 2013 wederom in Alledaagse Wetenschap van de NRC door Karel Knip over ons JARO 2013 artikel (vervolg op '29 mei 2010)

NL: Waarom onze maatschappij het Proefdieronderzoek dient te steunen: Zie hier.
ENG: Why our Society should be Pro Animal Research: See here.