Gielen, C.C.A.M.
Professor in Biophysics
Dean Faculty of Science
Huygens gebouw
Radboud University Nijmegen
Heyendaalseweg 135
NL 6525 AJ Nijmegen
The Netherlands
+31 24 3653111
+31 365 2888

Current Research Interests:
  1. Motor Control;
    • Coordination of multi-joint movements in 3-D space.
    • Motor-unit recruitment.
    • Control algorithms for kinematically redundant manipulators.
    • Task-dependent muscle activation patterns.
    • Posture and heading.
  2. Computational Neuroscience;
    • Neural network models for neurobiology
    • Analysis of stability and convergence of dynamics of neural networks.
    • Models to explain synchronization of neuronal activity as measured in EEG and MEG
    • Models for Calcium dynamics in (inter)cellular signaling
    • Brain-Computer Interfacing

Material for students:

Recent Publications on Motor Control:

  • Keijsers NLW, Horstink MWIM, Gielen SCAM
    Ambulatory motor assessment in Parkinson's disease
    Movement Disorders 21 (1): 34-44, 2006

  • Hermens, F., Kappers, A.M.L., & Gielen, S. C.A.M.
    The structure of fronto-parallel haptic space is task dependent.
    Perception & Psychophysics, 68 (1): 62-75 , 2006

  • L.B. Oude Nijhuis, L. Janssen, B.R. Bloem, J.G. van Dijk, S.C. Gielen, G.F. Borm, S. Overeem
    Choice reaction times for human head rotations are shortened by startling acoustic stimuli, irrespective of stimulus direction.
    Journal of Physiology (London) 584, 97-109, 2007.

  • C.C.A.M. Gielen, T.M.H. Dijkstra, I.J. Roozen, J. Welten
    Coordination of gaze and hand movements for tracking and tracing in 3D.
    Cortex, 45: 340-355, 2009.

  • P.A. van den Hurk, F. Gommi, S.C. Gielen, A.E.M. Speckens, H.P. Barendregt
    Greater efficiency in attentional processing related to mindfulness meditation.
    The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 63: 1168-1180, 2010.

  • M. Severens, J. Farquhar, P. Desain, J. Duysens, C. Gielen.
    Transient and steady-state responses to mechanical stimulation of different fingers reveal interactions based on lateral inhibition.
    Clinical Neurophysiology, 121, 2090-2096, 2010.

  • P. A.M. van den Hurk, B.H. Janssen, F. Giommi, H. P. Barendregt, S. C. Gielen.
    Mindfulness meditation associated with alterations in bottom-up processing: Psychophysiological evidence for reduced reactivity.
    International Journal of Psychophysiology 78, 151-157, 2010.

  • Tramper JJ, Gielen CCAM.
    Visuomotor Coordination Is Different for Different Directions in Three-Dimensional Space.
    The Journal of Neuroscience 31 (21): 7857-7866, 2011

  • J.J. Tramper, B. van den Broek, W. Wiegerinck, H.J. Kappen, S. Gielen.
    Time-Integrated Position Error Accounts for Sensorimotor Behavior in Time-Constrained Tasks.
    PLoS One, Volume 7 ( 3 ) e33724, 2012.

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