ERC advanced Grant 2016 (nr. 693400)

Merry XMas, and a happy and prosperous 2023!!

On December 31, 2022 our Orient project
officially comes to an end....
Let's hope for a successful continuation
with our follow-up proposal OTOTRACK!


Goal-Directed Eye-Head Coordination
in Dynamic Multisensory Environments

Project coordinator:
AJ van Opstal, Dept. Biophysics, Radboud University

Second beneficiary:
A Bernardino, Visual Robotics Lab, IST, Lisbon University

Summary: Abstract of the Action
Nijmegen: Sub-project 1. Psychophysics Sub-project 2. Computational modelling.
Lisbon: Sub-project 3. Biomimetic Oculomotor Robot
Progress report (ongoing)
Minisymposium in the Visual Lab, Lisboa (June 21, 2019)
Minisymposium in the Visual Lab, Lisboa (June 22, 2021)
CoSyne Symposium, Lisboa (March 17-20, 2022)
IROS Robotics Conference, Detroit (Oct 1-5, 2023)
Results from the Nijmegen group
Student thesis reports from the Lisbon and Nijmegen groups
Video demonstrations of our equipment.
List: Published Orient papers